Friday, December 28, 2007


To the guy or gal that puts in 50 miles in the cold and snow. To the SS'er that racks up more elevation gain in one ride than I do in a week. To the endurance racer and the route finder. To the blogger, the BB poster, and the page linker that shares it all on the net for me to read and chew on.....

I am inspired by you.

You make me want to be better, to ride longer, to get out when it is cold and ride anyway. You have me dreaming of new ways to put big loops together, to think 'epic' and pack extra food expecting an adventure. You give me hope that this next ride of mine will be as great as yours was, maybe better.

You make me want to ride. For that, I thank you and in return, I promise this: I will do what I can to inspire you and others you will never know to feel the same way.

Happy New Year.

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