Friday, December 28, 2007

Anybody need a Buddy?

I may have a need for one soon. A bike riding buddy, to be specific. You know, the one that you can always count on to show up and endure with a smile whatever diabolical plan you have in mind.

I have one of those and he is picking up stakes, most likely. My Buddy is one of the lucky folks who work in the entertainment biz (set lighting) and THAT whole movie/tv production machine is pretty much dead right now as a testament to greed and the lovely world of Labor Unions. Combine that with a bike riding injury and the result is a practical decision on his part to head his family back to the midwest and live cheaper for a while till things resume....if they ever do. Live cheaper than So Cal? Imagine that!

And so, I contemplate the endurance races I had planned, the big rides and the camping trips. The next year's road trips. The after work rides. Sure, there are other folks to ride with, good folks too. But they are not my Buddy.

My Buddy is heading to Ohio and I am feeling a bit lost by it all.

Godspeed, Buddy Steve.

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