Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Adventure By Bike

"Adventure By Bike", says the screened on logo on the underside of this frameset.  How marvelous.  Not Winning By Bike, Get Fit By Bike, The Meaning of Life By Bike, Feed Your Adrenaline Need By Bike...nope.

Adventure.  Now tell me that, really, when you strip away all the other cool things that encompass riding a bicycle, among them the ability to improve, compete and win, the way it raises your fitness and restores a youthful outlook, the way it brings us outdoors and gives us something good to focus on, and the way it makes us go "wheeeee!" when the trail tilts in our favor, when all that is pared down, that what is left and what really attracted us in the first place is the potential for adventure.

From the first time we, as a small wide eyed child turned loose from training wheels and the limits of the yard, wobbled out from underneath our parent's wings, turned left out the driveway and on to the waiting sidewalk and thus the world; when the paperboy bike took us into the back alleys, woods, country roads, and lamp lit streets, the horizon limited only by our legs and the length of the apron strings that tugged at us for dinner and homework duties; when we topped one hill only to see another dozen in the distance and thought "why not?", a bike has meant adventure.

So what begins is a new bike build from the company that penned this saying and plastered it over the product they make.  Now that could just be a great slogan from a big, paid advertising firm to grab a bit of the marketplace pie.  Or, it could have come from the hearts of a bunch of bike nuts who's eyes still widen just a bit when they pedal out the driveway and turn left.

I like to think it is the latter, but that is just me.

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MG said...

It's a bike that comes from a company with a mind that thinks a lot like yours and mine...

Have great adventures, brother!