Friday, October 14, 2011

"Qu’ils mangent de la brioche"

Or, as it is loosely translated, "Let them eat cake".  That quote is attributed to Marie Antoinette, but it seems to be unlikely that she actually said it.  In any case, the saying was in response to a supposed 'princess' that, when informed that the French peasants had no simple bread to eat, suggested that they eat "brioche", or an enriched pastry (cake).   The saying is now a symbol of the upper classes ignorance of the common man's plight.

But for me, it points out that we in America have Dunkin' Donuts.  Europe has awesome stuff like this pic from the Frankfurt airport.  Seriously?  I mean, this would be a CRAZY fancy pastry/deli/bakery shop in the US and this is just in the airport for cryin' out loud.  Fabulous pastries, ham and cheese croissants, serious'....etc.  Israel was like this too.

None of it is crazy sugary sweet either.  No jelly filled, fried dough here.  But wow, was it good.  I came to find this commonly across the countries I was in and it was in stark contrast to what I am used to seeing.  Yeah....I ate there.  I mean, how could I not? 

That is when I found out how the Euro is unfriendly to the dollar.  Oh well.  What cost, that cake, eh?  Vive la brioche!

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