Thursday, October 13, 2011

France or Bust: Off to Roc d'azur

Airports promise the romantic in me that they are portals to adventure.  They deliver to the realist in me long waits, hassles, and odd restrictions.  Nevertheless, and despite the disparity there, I continued to hope for the best as I signed up for another go around in the pursuit of far away places.

Perhaps the worst part about airports is that they inevitably place you into an airplane.  Those noisy, flying germ tubes are such a bore.  I am not worried about dying or anything so dramatic, I just hate that I cannot get up and escape the crying child, sneezy woman, or snoring guy with too much ear hair.  Just how much ear hair IS too much anyway?  Not sure.

Anyway, I do like looking out the windows as the earth rolls by, but when the flights are 11 or more hours and all you see are clouds or ocean or darkness....well, that sucks to be me.

In this case, I was sucking all the way to France by way of Germany.  Neat places to go...awful way to get there.  So, for a while I will spend some time blogging about the recent trip, Europe-ness, odd things, and being an American in the land of fromage, mimes, and long dinners.

Left LAX in the rain.  Hello Lufthansa.  Or should I say "Guten Morgen"

Cloudy in Frankfurt too.  Yet another plane.

Plane shrinkage.  In Europe everything is smaller. The Germans love the efficiency and the French find it easier to ignore.


Anonymous said...

I find the French easy to ignore too, like their cars.

grannygear said...

Now stay tuned. I will have more to say about all that. Keep in mind I was writing with a bit of tongue in cheek.