Wednesday, July 27, 2011

iPhone, how do I love thee?

Let me count the ways.

I am a late adopter by nature, hardly ever being on the cutting edge of anything, especially techy stuff, but I knew that when I did dump my 'dumb' phone for a smart one, it would be an iPhone.  I am such a Mac head that there was no way you could get anything else into my hands.

So, I waited.  I am on Verizon, so that hurdle had to be overcome.  Then that happened and still I waited til the dust settled a bit.  Or, more than a bit.  But finally, I knew that I was missing out on features that are important in my situation such as mobile email and access to social networking.

Plus, I figured I would have fun with it too.  Well, I hit the big bulls eye on all accounts.  Not only has it been excellent to be better 'connected' to the ways we communicate these days, for good or bad, there are features on that iPhone4 that are just so cool.  The great camera, the Facetime, all the 99 cent apps (no, I have not purchased Angry Birds, so stop asking), etc.  I used an inclinometer app the other day to check HT and ST angles on a bike.  Crazy.  How much does a digital, stand alone tool like that cost?  More than 99 cents, I bet.  And the list goes on.

So, of course, I had to search for the perfect case to protect it and I am testing some of that which I will talk about on The Cyclist Site.

In the meantime, the iPhone rocks.  I was talking to another user the other day and he said that every time he gets an app that adds productivity to the phone, it is like "getting another 10% of value to the iPhone purchase".  Indeed.

Now, if I can avoid dropping it into the toilet like I did my dumb phone, I will be just fine.

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