Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bike folks are cool.

The other day JeffJ and I had the chance to hang out with these folks in their spacious and cleverly hidden fortress of solitude.

The occasion was a sneak peek of the 2012 line of nicely machined and highly polished gear for bike freaks like us.  That is all secret stuff that I cannot talk about until later this year or they will cut out my heart with a highly polished tire lever.

But beyond all the schwag and marketing gab was a bit of an inside look at a bunch of guys and gals trying very hard to make very good things that we will want to buy, use, and enjoy.  And along the way to doing that, they are making a living, raising families, paying bills, and, as much as humanly possible, riding their bikes.

There are some very cool people in the bike biz.   Bikes are very cool, and bike people, it seems to follow, are, more often that not, very cool people.

And that is one of the best things about bikes...the bike people...the people that dream them, design them, make them, sell them, ride them and live them.  It would not be the same without ya.

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