Monday, February 14, 2011


Saturday's ride was all about redemption.  The last Ramble Ride darn near destroyed me, both physically and emotionally.  The two rides during the week that followed were uninspiring to say the least.  To say the most, it had me wondering if the party was over.  As you get older, you wonder when the bell will ring signaling the call to take up the walker.  I wonder what a 29er walker looks like?  I bet the bigger wheels are better on sidewalk cracks.

Even Senior citizens like big wheels.

Well, maybe not quite that, but an aching back, lead legs, and pretty much zilch for zip had me wondering.

So this Sat's ride was a bit of the known and some unknown as I was scouting out the next Ramble Ride.  The first loop is a 20 mile section of the forest that climbs for 10 miles on a mix of fireroad and singletrack and it is not an easy putt.  It is one of my favorite rides, but it tests you.  I have several bikes I could pick from at the moment, but I chose the steel singlespeed that I am testing.  Why?  Well, for one, I have yet to spend quality time with it.  This ride absolutely is all that and more.  For another, I love riding my SS and this one is my favorite yet.  And finally, it would be harder that way.  I had something to prove to myself, I guess.

I needed to know whether or not I should be walker shopping. 

And, I am happy to report, I can postpone my walker for another day.  I felt strong all day and rode like the hills did not matter.  I restored my faith in my abilities and proved once again that I absolutely love riding a singlespeed 29er, especially a steel one. 

So here is a toast to long climbs, narrow, acorn covered singletracks, simple steel bikes, and one gear.  And lift your glass a second time to postponing the inevitable...keeping the walker at bay for a little bit longer.

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Doug Idaho said...

Ah the days when you feel invincible are so great!