Friday, February 25, 2011

Gabriel, come blow your horn.

With apologies to angels everywhere....

It all started with a heroic pic shot by JeffJ of a local buddy on a ride recently.  It began like this...

...and ended like this. Voila'.  The god-like (little 'g') pose deserved some, ahhh...inspired photochopping to reveal the Hermes within.  In Photoshop, just select the layer and apply the 'Reveal Deity' filter.  Eezy-peezy.

Now, as seen through the skilled lens of JeffJ, the Ansel Adams of the 29er world, I bring you the next revelation in 'more than meets the eye' photography.

First, you strike a pose....

...then select the layer and apply the 'heavenly vision' filter. 

Huh.  Who would have known?

This is what you do when it is raining and looking like snow in So Cal.  Hey, it is better than Oprah!

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