Thursday, January 27, 2011

Ramble Ride #2

A while back I came up with an idea.  It floated to the surface of my brain like the triangle in the Magic 8 Ball (look it up) and there it was.  Ramble Ride.  The idea of a Ramble Ride, to recap, was to string together a series of smaller rides into a bigger loop that includes some bike path or road work to connect the dots, then schedule in a twinkie stop at a watering hole.  Pace is friendly.  Ramble Rides are 'No-Drop' rides.

Sounds innocent enough, but the Sierra Pelona Ramble #1 is deceptively hard.  36 miles and enough climbing to work ya.  I was looking for another route for #2 and I had 75% of it figured, but I could not connect it up.  Then, recently a buddy led a ride onto some private property he had access to.  At the end of the ride, which ended up on National Forest land, I ended up discovering a road that I thought had been lost to a housing development.  I had ridden it years ago, but now, finding it to be still there opened up a route to complete the loop.  Oh Baby!  The Ramble Ride #2 is on!

I love the concept.  It takes some creativity, lets you get some bigger rides by stringing together the combos, and feels more social with the snack stop, etc.  I think this one will be around 35 miles too, but will not have a ton of elevation gain.  It re-connects me to some old stomping grounds, lets the new folks see more bits of the countryside, and gives me something to look forward to.

Even before I have this one ridden I am thinking about Ramble Ride #3.  Fun stuff.

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