Thursday, January 20, 2011

Baggies or no Baggies?

That is the question.  Whether tis nobler to wear the skin tight lycra or drape on da' bags?  Hmmm.  About 3 years ago I traded in my lycra for baggies and since then, I have worn either a combo short/baggy or a separate short/board short thingie instead of just the regular old lycra riding short.

I came to love the pockets, not so much to carry things while I ride, but just to put my car keys in, cell phone, etc as I am putting around after and before a ride.  And, the extra protection is kinda nice for brushy trails or falling down.

But there have been a few times that I would default back to just lycra for whatever reason and something would tickle my brain a bit, something just at the edges of my sub-conscious...I felt faster without the bags on.


So, for most of this fall/winter I rode in nothing else but the most excellent set of bib knickers that I had ever worn...see more here...and just recently, with some Jan temps in the high 70s, I slid into some short/baggy combos and went riding.  Ahh....hmmm...I felt...well, dowdy.  There is a word for ya.

Do bag ladies ride MTBs?  Not sure.  I felt less than sleek.  I felt cumbersome and not fast.  Now I doubt I was actually slower, but who wants to feel slower, regardless?

This may take some adjustments to my kit and I doubt it will be cheap.  Used baggies, anyone?  Sightly worn by a bag lady on a bike.  Bottle not included.


Doug Idaho said...

yea I prefer the lycra as well. I wear baggy shorts on shorter rides sometimes. I feel them catching on my legs or bunching up and also get hung up on the seat from time to time. Just notice them more than I do the lycra.

Anonymous said...

Remember, if you want the young bucks to continue buying into the SS "fast" lore, lycra must be worn at all times...