Wednesday, September 29, 2010

First night ride of the year

As the days grow shorter, a guy's mind turns to lighting up the trail to extend the riding time.  Last night was my inaugural night ride.  Lights were charged, plans were made.  Darkness is no show stopper when your carry your daylight with you.  The newest LED lighting is a cool, white, sunrise that weighs next to nothing and lasts for hours.

Everything changes at night; morphs into a dance of shadow and tunnels of light that tease with quick glimpses of trail, rock, and scattering field mice.

Ah, the poor field mice.  They have an unfortunate tendency to run out into the middle of the trail, stop, dazzled by the lights, and just stay put, perhaps putting their furry little mouse paws over their little mouse eyes hoping for the best.  "Maybe if I just hold still, they won't see me?"  Poor strategy, in my opinion, based on the results.

This pic shows the sentiments of the mouse community to night riding.  "Just Say No to Night Riding".  Hmmm...about as effective as 'War is not the answer'.

Sometimes it is.  And sometimes ya just gotta ride at night.  Mice are a lot like Doritos.  They will make more.

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