Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Plague, most likely....

...since I cannot be sure how to spell Bothchu...ahhh...Botulism...I will vote for the plague. Black (bean) Near-Death. Oh, how the mighty have fallen, dragged down by a bad bean of the re-fried kind. Oh, the horror of it all.

Tuesday eve was a good night, pretty much...SS ride, great shrimp tacos with cilantro dressing and garnishes...yum. But I wanted more on the plate, so I popped open a can of refried pintos, veggie version, to go along. Big mistake.

3 hrs later I think I am pregnant, the way my big, old stomach looks and then other symptoms arise...all of them bad. I am the only one ill, so I figure it was not the shrimp which the whole family ate (thank God for that mercy). 4 hours of total food poisoning symptoms later, I was a wreck. I was dehydrating so fast and losing electrolytes that I was cramping up just laying there in between 'sessions'. I tied my feet together so I would not turn inside out when vomiting. No kidding. I know I saw the soles of my feet at least once. Scared me. I figured this could be a trip to the hospital, but it laid down by 01:00 AM and I was able to sleep. It has been 3.5 days now and I still feel a bit off my feed. If it would stop raining, I would go out and spin around a bit and test my legs.

Tomorrow is supposed to be a nice day, so I will head out then. In the meantime, it will be awhile before I feel like eating a bean burrito again. Now I know history tells us that it was fleas that carried the plague across Europe in the middle ages, but I have to wonder if there was not a bean involved somewhere. Perhaps a cover up here...likely a historical revisionist conspiracy to protect the Burrito Farmers CoOp of America.

So I went to the internet in search of truth. A bit of research showed this picture, plainly displaying an opened and carelessly discarded container of doom, laying next to a victim of it's foul curse. A bit of photo chop-ing reveals the truth. Ahhh...modern technology. Beware of the bean. You have been warned.

Proof is there if you look for it.

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