Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Julian Death March Redux?

Two years ago I spent some of the worst hours in the saddle I can remember when I entered this event: The Julian Death March

I made some errors in judgment. I ran only 1x9 gearing. Silly me. It was the windiest day in the last millennium for San Diego County. I carried too much stuff. I had less than the required amount of base fitness to pull all that off. That conspired to kick my backside and I fought leg cramps...bad ones...for that last 2 hours of the ride. I barely made the first loop of 35 miles and that was it. I had hoped to do at least the second loop and hit the 50 mile mark.

One loop was enough or I would have needed rescue. Instead of heading back out for more I chose to eat apple pie and lick my wounds.

So now Ed The Tall has registered for the 2010 Julian Death March. It is a veritable gauntlet tossed on the ground in the shadow of my bruised ego. I really do not remember the 2008 course being fun in that it was not a particularly inspiring route. I would ride it if I was a local but I would not drive there to do it otherwise. I could ride the rest of my days and not do that again. It will cost me money to go there. But even if it is or is not a different route this year and even if it is costly and not that much fun, the challenge of it is taunting me.

It kicked my butt and that will not do, no it will not do at all.

I am fitter now then I was then. I have a better bike and I would pack lighter. I am thinking about it again and this time it is a 63 mile loop.

That proves I am no smarter. are killin' me.

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Marilu said...

Mike, if you come down here to do this death march, I will SAG for you. It would be great to see you and Laurie!