Friday, January 15, 2010

Road Trip...By Plane.

It is not often that a bike company offers to fly me up for a 3 hour tour of the shop, a bike ride/test session, and sushi after. Not often at all, in fact this is the first time. But that is the situation I find myself in as next week, despite the dismal weather predicted - nearly 7 days of rain forecast, something that I hardly EVER see happen on So Cal. So I asked the Nor Cal boys if the rain will change anything...postpone, etc...and the answer was "we ride in the rain, bring rain gear." Well, alright y then. Color me muddy.

I am totally stoked actually, and I hope I do not embarrass myself on the trail.

"So, where did the old writer dude go?"

"I dunno. I heard some gasping and wheezing sounds just before a pitiful scream and then silence."

"Huh, just another media hack after all."


Well, I hope to not disgrace the name of 29".com and have to go back to writing on bathroom walls for my creative outlet. Hey, it beats one hacks a bathroom stall.

But all of that kind of pressure aside, how bad can it be? Hang with some bike nuts, see how they turn passion into products we get to enjoy, ride a bike I don't have to clean up after the puddle jumping, and then write about it all. Oh, and sushi. Can't forget the recently dead fish rolls.

How bad can that be?

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