Thursday, December 3, 2009

Who do we thank for this improvement?

I find it rather amusing that, with something like 12K worth of 29ers sitting in my garage (depending on the timing of test bikes, I don't own that many scoots), that I chose the least expensive one of the bunch, my steel-is-real(ly kinda' heavy) Jabberwocky SS for my last weekend ride. The ride was about an hour of climbing and another hour of a combination of winding singletrack and fast fireroad downhill, so an FS would have been appropriate.

So why the Jabber? Why, with all that technology hanging in the rack, did I grab the lowest tech one of them all? Is it ignorance, or enlightenment?
"When you can ride across the rice paper and leave no tracks, you are enlightened, Grasshopper." Master Po, Buddhist monk and fixie rider.

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