Monday, December 7, 2009

Defrosters for the Feet

Well, it I have had enough time in these zapatos to know that they are pretty much what I needed and less than I hoped for. I was hoping for absolutely warm feet and that did not happen, but I am pretty convinced that a good deal of that is my body chemistry at work as I have chronic issues with cold fingers and toes.

That said, the BG Defroster shoes are well worth a look if you need something more than a typical riding shoe. More details here.

Disclaimer: The shoes were freebies from the manufacturer as noted in the article.

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Doug Brummett said...

I was wondering what the outcome would be. Seems to be a fair amount of discussion over on emtybeer after temps dove last week. Most are considering this shoe a mid-temp shoe, good down to about 35-40F. Not good enough for colder temps. The Lake MXZ302 time and again gets the nod from users who have tried multiple brands.

One trick most use is to go 1-2 sizes larger and run an additional set of socks for insulation. In S.CA that shouldn't be necessary.