Monday, November 23, 2009

New Horizons

Well, it has been way too long since I rode someplace new. It used to happen all the time, but I have been spending more time locally as the needs of life and such corral my spare time. But on the schedule is a fine ride post Thanksgiving Day that will be in over new horizons at last.

As well, it should be on a new bike if Fed Ex treats me right. The Epic Comp 29er is something I am very excited to ride. Past spins on this bike (or a Marathon, the up-scale version) have been pretty good.

It seems that most of my creative energy has been reviewing and writing product stuff lately for The Cyclist and

I have been wearing the Specialized Defroster shoes quite a bit and while I still have more time to go before I pronounce them blessed, I have had enough rides to know that they are making a difference in a good way. I needed a better solution to fall through winter riding that did not involve plastic sandwich bags and cold toes. I am not sure if the guys in North Dakota would find them adequate, but I bet the Lake boots would be way over the top for my So Cal needs. Definitely worth a look of you are looking for something better than a mesh toed shoe.

As well, the Specialized Vice helmet is a winner in my book. It is definitely a snug, full coverage feeling helmet but I am liking it.
I also have been running around on some new tires, the Wolverine 2.2 29er tire from WTB. More on that here.

So, new bike, new gear, new trails, and hopefully a new sense of discovery to go along with it. Have a great Thanksgiving Day. Go ride a bike if you can.

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