Friday, November 13, 2009


CORBA holds a Fat Tire Festival in my area once a year and I cruised over to see what was going down, fat tire wise. There were bike demos and product displays, Poker Rides, raffles, games, food, etc, all for a good cause. Some pics.

Yes, this is Ned Overend. Deadly Nedly. The Lung. I saw him race in his prime 'back in the day' and he is still one fit old dude. Go Ned (even if you do have to work on your own bike...well, at least he knows how).

What a bunch of hoodlums pretending to be looking after the welfare of the festival goers. Hah! I ride with these guys and I know the truth! Just look at those smiles...they are up to no good, I tell ya.

There were all kinds of demo bikes.....

Don't those Leftys all look odd, lined up that way? They sure work great though.

Niner had a carbon SS 29er there that was practically light enough to float away. Amazing to pick that thing up. I bet my road bike weighs more.

Giant had this tri-thing or time trial bike or something. Talk about an instrument of, but does it look fast or what?!

But, they also had this Cross bike that just was dead sexy and fast in another way. I bet I could burn up some dirt road on that.

I decided to take the Jabber for a cruise around the course. Don't it look like it belongs next to all that rusty steel stuff? Sho' 'nuff.

Along the way I saw a group of young folks, like a Scouting org or something, actually saluting the flag. Huh. In this day and age, too. Maybe there is hope for our young people.

There were a couple of dads out working especially hard to bring along the family. Good Job, dad.

There were games for the little ones as well, as one of A.Coley's boys shows on the teeter totter.

I have heard of single speeds and dingle speeds (two gears, no shifters)..but a tringle speed! Very cool and on a vintage Ti frame as well.

There are family events all around the country like this one, mostly to benefit various organizations, sometimes just cuz. Make it a goal to get to one in 2010 and, if you are able, take the kids along before they grow up and the chance is gone.

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