Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Old Guys Rule

I am an Old Guy, by most standards, and I am surrounded by old guys that I ride with. Sure, there are young pups in the group too, but mostly we are way past what the rest of the non-athletic public at large would call 'our prime'.

Prime. Phhhaa! Who needs it. We are Old Guys and Old Guys rule. Especially cycling Old Guys. We rule because we choose to grab a handlebar and not a bar stool. We rule because we could be sitting around the TV with a view to a virtual life and no one would blame us, but instead we sit in the saddle and our view of life is the real deal. We rule because we hurt...a lot...and we still do it next weekend. God bless Ibuprofen, glucosamine/chondroitin and deep tissue massage.

Our wives don't get it. Our co-workers don't get it. Heck, sometimes I am not sure I get it.

So this one is for you, the Old Guys. To all the creaking knees, aching backs and bulging discs. To the wrinkled faces and bare foreheads. To those who need reading glasses to adjust your rear derailleur and cannot see that tiny GPS screen no matter what. For all the ones who are living with bodies that are slowly being worn down by time and say, "Screw it, I am going riding. Try and catch me"

To those with low cholesterol and better resting heart rates than a 25 year old. To the ones who beat diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, and all the other stuff that the other, TV watching, old guys have.

To the hardened 54 year old guy racing the Colorado Trail on a singlespeed to the still pudgy weekend warrior who needs a lower gear...everywhere...but still does it anyway cuz he will not give up....I salute you.

To masters class racers and grandpas who put the hurt on the grandkids in the climbs. To lean and mean greyhounds to self acknowledged fat bastards...you guys rule.

This one is for you. The Duke would have tipped his hat to ya, Pilgrim.

"If you don't respect your elders, then I'll just have to teach you to respect your betters." - John Wayne


David said...

I'm 58, still riding hard and a lot (and way slower), and still lovin' it. You just described me and my life completely. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I'm 50 myself, and strangely, I'm faster on my FS/AM bike than I was at 16 on my Schwinn 10-speed! I sold my last car 5 years ago, and haven't looked back. Nice to know I'm not even in a small minority, much less alone!

Anonymous said...

53 here and racing SS CX....I just got back from a ride! I don't feel old,do I? Can't see for Sh$T!

KT said...

Old guys do rule, but I always thought old was like 87 or so, you know when most of your buddies are gone & there aren't many around that are older than you & you have been collectiong social security longer than it took you to get through High School. Heck I'm just gettin this whole thing figured out lets not end the fun now.

MrDaveyGie said...

I'm only 56 :-) but I like this blog. Gonna do one hundred miles in the dirt tomorrow. Why? Damned if I know.

davir said...

52 rode today tempeture was 9 degrees saw a broad tail hawk and a kestrel(not a bike a sparrow hawk)and not another person thats why i ride.