Sunday, July 12, 2009

It's great to be single again!

No, I am still happily wife sees to that. I am speaking of single SPEEDS as in one geared bicycles. I am really digging the new Jabber. Really. It has brought back some joy in riding around shiftlessly that had fallen away after the crash and the back injury. Both boo-boos really did not allow for fun SS riding. Hurt too much.

Then there was the time off the SS when I was waiting for the diSSent to come together. And, when I was trying out the diSSent, it kinda cooled the fire of my SS passion as I tried to come to terms with it's personality.

Going back to the Karate Monkey post diSSent really was a bummer as I had begun to realize the odd handling traits of the Monkey, the ones I thought were just normal for a 29er hardtail, were actually just the quirky Monkey and I was really missing the sharp handling of the diSSent (but not the 'sharp' ride qualities).

After reading the final thoughts on the diSSent by Captain Bob and Guitar Ted, I was a bit perplexed. How could they feel that the diSSent rode as well or better than many steel frames they had tried out? Maybe I was chasing something in feel and performance that did not exist. I came pretty close to building the diSSent back up again and giving it another go.

Then the Jabber showed up. I will be putting my review in detail on the pages of The Cyclist. Suffice it to say that I am once again diggin' the SS and I like the big, orange groove the Jabber puts down on the trail.

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