Thursday, July 23, 2009

Is it 2010 already? Giant XTC 29er 1

This is a Giant outstanding in its field. Pretty clever, eh? That twist on an old saying, etc. Well, in any case, I have another bike in the spacious and nicely appointed grannygear family garage and it has big wheels and lots of decals that say GIANT on them.

Who makes this bike? No doubt there. I will let this series of articles on and The Cyclist do most of the details and save the gossip and off handed comments for the blog (for you lucky insiders...shhhh! need to tell everyone until I monetize my blog then I will be all commercial and spammy with it all).

I picked it up at Giant North America's HQ in SO Cal. The corp. offices are filled with cubicles, bikes, cubicles, bike stuff, cubicles, and more bike parts. Ahhhhh....what an atmosphere to cubicle in. Happy habitrail there, you lucky corporate hamsters.

This was on the wall for all to see:

Do your company perks include a pump track/ramp jungle? No? Bummer.

I have only one ride on the XTC 29er 1 so far, but it was an eye opening ride. There are some niggling issues with a component or two, but this may be the best steering, turning, and most agile 29er I have ever ridden.

There...I said it. I may regret it after more time on the bike, but I doubt it. In any case, if this is the future for big wheeled riders, you will need some shades to keep the retinas all cool and stuff cuz 29ers are shining brightly.


Anthony said...

Nice!!! Where do I sign up? Where in SoCal are they?

Anthony said...

Found it...

Newbury Park

grannygear said...

Keep in mind that is the corporate office, not a dealer or customer facing business office.


Anthony said...

Just how I like it, no customer facing with a pump track!