Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday wrap up

Friday already?

Well, it was a singlespeed week as usual, meaning I rode SS for my Tues and Thurs night escapades. Tues was a night ride with Ed the Tall. I felt pretty good, which was encouraging since I have been feeling sluggish as of late. Thurs night was without lights (barely got by) since I got out early, but I felt very strong. Yay! Good to see some improvement. SS is so cool in that simple and fun way, but hard enough to get a great workout in 90 minutes. I like.

Bummer note: I have one more portion of Fluid recovery drink. I really have enjoyed the way this product had performed for me and I am planning on making this a regular part of my regimen. Time to stock up!

I have the first parts for my bike light building project and a list for the rest of the parts. Mad scientist stuff going on here and I will do a pretty detailed blog when I fire up the soldering iron.

I am ready to write up the short term test results of the Specialized Eskar and Captain Controls that I wrote about on 29".com. The Fasttraks are heading to a 12 hour race on Ed the Tall's bike. The Eskars have been talked about on MTBR recently. I will keep the Eskars on the SS for a while but they are not a tire I would run long term. More on that later, but the Captains are wayyy excellent so far on the Lev. One final ride this weekend and I will follow up with those later.

This weekend I have plans for a good day on tasty, high mountain singletrack. It is a very digital ride...straight up, straight down. I am very tempted to take the SS, but I will ride the Lev instead. Too chicken to take the SS to a trail that is pretty much a granny ring ride for the first hour on a geared bike. This is a group ride too, so that is a factor. Still, I know guys ride this trail SS, so I have to try it someday.

Well, that is the week as it was. Right now it is in the 70s headed to the 80s and above. So Cal. Mercy! That is the good part of our fall/winter season and the Santa Ana winds...shorts and t-shirts! Not too good for the folks who are losing their homes in the Santa Barbara/Montecito area fire. Sad. That is the bad part of out fall/winter season and the Santa Ana winds.

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