Friday, November 21, 2008

Fluid Wrap up.

Well, I am staring at an empty jar of Fluid recovery drink, soon to be replaced by a full jar. This is good stuff, and I am definitely on this bus for a long ride.

The first time I used it after a hard ride, I was curious whether all this was just another product designed to separate me from my money. Saturday was a hard 4.5 hour ride and I was nicely worked. I would have expected to feel the after effects in my legs for one to two days following. Sunday I jumped on the SS Monkey and went out with a small group for what should have been an easy spin. However, everyone decided to do more climbing than I expected, so up I went expecting to feel the hurt from yesterday. I never did.

Oh, I knew I was climbing on an SS, but my legs felt like I had not ridden the day before. Weird. Was it the Fluid or the promise of pancakes after the ride? Time would tell.

Well, time has told me that this is a good product. Not magic, I mean, Lance is not worried about me now, but this stuff is the deal. Today I met the other half of Fluid, David Brown. We got to talking about what the inspiration was behind Fluid, that they were looking to help prevent overtraining issues with endurance atheletes, and why he thought Fluid was a better product than the others out there. Ya know, I am not completetly ignorant, but I have to confess that I would not know an amino acid from an antacid. But, I know how I feel after a workout, and after 20 years of doing hard workouts, I know that the day after is a better day if I put down a bottle of Fluid right after the workout. I know that much.

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