Friday, October 31, 2008

The Donkey Rides Again

Remember the cry of the Lone Ranger when he mounted his steed and galloped away..."Hiii Hooo Silver!", etc? It was kind of like that last night on a pre-Halloween group ride. It was actually a fun idea. Get a group, get some lights, ride to the top of a local climb where a truck awaited with jackets, coffee and Halloween goodies, then drop into a singletrack and loop on back to a BBQ at the bike shop.

So, off I went. At the first sign of the hillclimb, I heard this awful braying noise. Soon, I realized it was coming from me. Was it a full moon? Oh no, not the dreaded, not that, just the regular old donkey that lives within me and seems to come out whenever a long climb comes along.

It was very frustrating, cuz I have been riding quite a bit. Maybe last night was one of those off days. I usually ride that climb in a mix of small to middle chainring and the second half nearly all in the middle. Last night I had to live in the small ring pretty much all the way up. I think I passed 3 people. Sigh. Only 25 more to go.

Well, I don't know. I suppose it should make me more determined to train harder or better or...

Right now it just makes me depressed. Donkeys get that way sometimes.

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Guitar Ted said...

Were-donkey! Now that is funny!

Ya know, I can get depressed a bit when the legs aren't happening, but ya know, it's great to be able to ride a bicycle. I try to remind myself of that blessing when the moment doesn't seem so bright.