Friday, August 1, 2008

Turnin' wrenches like crazy

Well, I made 3 bikes into two tonite in the effort to launch the Karate Monkey as the 'SS Monkey' so I can dabble into singlespeeding. As well, I needed to get the new Pro II/Flow wheels ready for the Lenz.

I took the DT Swiss wheels off the Lenz, removed the rotors and put them on the Pro IIs and converted the front hub to QR. That was kinda' a pain (I will elaborate in a later post). Then, I removed the non-SS stuff from the Monkey, added the carbon bars, stole the grips and cog spacers from the 26er SS that I had converted and never ride anymore, put the spacers and the new Surly Cog onto the DT Swiss wheels and onto the Monkey, put the tires from the Lenz onto the new Flow rims (with tubes for now), put the old set of tires from the garage wall onto the DT Swiss wheels on the Monkey....shorten chains, re-adjust brake pads and calipers....breath, breath...almost done....voila. Enough to go ride a preliminary SS voyage.

Ah, chain dry and squeaky, rear wheel slips (need Tuggnut), seat-bar-stem relationship needs attention, but it pedals and stops. Good for now.

For now, no pics till I get the BBG bashguard on the crank and shorten a cable or two. The Pro II/Flows will get their own post as I dip my toe in the waters of tubeless-ness. I want to ride them with tubes first and then go tubeless to compare.

Stay tuned.

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