Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Climbing Challenges to Come

Well, my little 10,000' challenge to myself for the month has got me and others thinking and the goal has been more narrowly focused to be 10K' a day.

Now that is something to work toward. 10k' in a month was very easy (glad I got it done since I am home sick with a lovely cold, thank you very much), so a new goal, but what...a 20K' month, 30, 50? Just a matter of time to ride mostly, and then recovery time as well for us old guys.

But a 10K day. That has got the wheels turning and Google Earth in play to check elevation gain/loss of local rides.

Soon, a plan will arise, but it will have to happen in the fall. Too hot right now, and besides, I need to go blow my nose again.

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