Saturday, July 5, 2008

Vacation Part 3: The Kid and I

Well, I finally got to ride with my son. We were to do that in Tahoe, but we cut that stay short and moved over to the eastern side of the Sierras in hope of clearer skies.

We ended up in Grover Hot Springs State Park. Simply wonderful place to camp.

Real mineral hot springs, incredible meadows, a hike to waterfalls, and a made to order doubletrack that wound through the trees along the valley edge. Swoopy, smooth and nearly level, my son had a blast and I had tons of fun watching him have fun.

We did the family hike thingy and even the dog enjoyed the coolness of the water after a dusty and hot walk.

I think I like meadows. I really am keen to do some bikepacking next year and camp in this type of area more often. The soil was warm, the grass green, the buzzy things were buzzing and the 'cheeseburger' birds were sounding their call. Self portrait of feet in boots, in the meadow at sunset.

From there, we headed down 395 to Twin Lakes Resort, Bodie, and then on home. Nice week away.

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