Friday, July 25, 2008

LBS Blues.

No not the Mormons, that is LDS. I mean the Local Bike Shop, hence LBS. I am getting set to convert the Karate Monkey to SS, so I need a 20 tooth cog, 2 Stan's valve stems, some Stan's goop, and a 20mm to QR set up for the Hope Pro II front hub.

Now I do shop local as often as it makes sense, usually for tubes, P-bars, lube, etc. I do all my own service, and most big parts are used or ebay or....wait for it...internet retailers. Why is that, $$ compared to $$$ usually, but there is the bigger factor of I want it 'in stock', not 5 days away. My fav click and mortar store is Local to me, so shipping is sometimes next day arrival, and the customer service is superior. And, they have it in stock 99% of the time. Love the blowout prices as well, if the item meets my needs.

There are others, Speedgoat, Pricepoint, Cambria, etc. I like Jenson.

So I already knew I would need to order the hub conversion on line. It would save the blank stare I would get from the LBS tube jockey as I explained the Hope hubs dealie. But the other stuff?...shoot, SS cogs? Stan's valve stems? Stan's sealant? Should be locally purchasable.

Off I go on my fool's errand.

First shop had sealant, nothing else. Kind of a roadie based shop, but they have a decent sales floor. Past experience says slow to order parts.

Second shop is a funky groove kind of mtn bike shop. I know they do SS only rides, so I went there. I asked about the cog and the owner starts diggin' into a box of used parts. Not a good sign. No cog, but one valve stem only, not sure if it will fit the rim/yellow tape setup. Never asked about the sealant.

Third shop has a great inventory, really a good neighborhood bike shop, not high end. No to all of the parts I needed.

Fourth shop a 3O min drive from me. A Pro level shop IMO, but no luck, or in the sister store 60 min away.

Hmmmm. To the net. Jenson has everything but the valve stems and they actually have 2 of the three kinds, but not the one model I need. SO, I will need to call Stan's No Tubes for that part. The rest, a slam dunk and I will have them in 2 days, I bet.

I tried, really I did. What's a guy to do? I guess I am either too spoiled OR too educated. Not sure which, maybe both.

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