Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Almost build-up time

Thought I would share a bit about the parts I chose and the cost, reasons, etc. See pic:

Reba SL - used, MTBR classifieds. $260.00 shipped. Not my first choice. That would be the NEW 2009 Reba with a stiffer crown, maxle axle, and more offset. But the White Bros stuff is chancy and is $$, the Manitou *clicks* its way down the trail and is $ & 1/2, the Fox is $$$, etc. The 38mm offset out to be interesting with the approx 70 degree HT angle on the Lev. the plan is to replace it with a new Reba next year and until then, the old Reba is the king of reliable, light weight, and affordability.

Gripshift X9 - I have been a gripshift fan ever since they stopped making thumbies. It works forever, is light and simple. Besides that, I just like it. Paid $55.0 bucks on eBay

SRAM chain - I like the quick link and I have never had much to love about the chains from the big 'S'. $32.00, Jenson USA

Tires - Every 29er I have spent any time on has been shod with Maxxis Ignitors. Just worked out that way. So, I bought another Ignitor for the front and I will try a Crossmark for the rear to see if it rolls better as a driving tire. The Ignitors have been just excellent and I have not felt I needed anything more out of a tire for So Cal riding. $27.00 ea @ Jenson.

Derailluers - Went cheap with a used take-off Deore LX. Functional, but not chi-chi. $23.00 shipped from the MTBR classifieds. Rear der is a SRAM XO, pre carbon fiber. Used, but still absolutely like new. What a beautiful piece of hardware. Very nice.
eBay = $70.00

Headset - Cane Creek S8. I did not pop for another used King this time. the Cane Creek stuff is getting great buzz and this S8 was $30.00 brand new. Stainless bearings, easily replaceable with less stack height than a King. No fancy bling colors. Another eBay item.

Brakes - I bought a set of Deore LX hydros when Jenson USA was blowing them out to use on the Karate Monkey. I stayed with Avid cantis, so these will go onto the Lev. Not Hope flyweight high-bling, but another good, no-frills part. I did upgrade to a larger front rotor. Cost? Can't remember. Around $150.00 for all of it?

Chainrings - Deore LX. I like the steel granny ring and the rest works just as good as the more expensive stuff. 22-32-42. I am thinking of staying 2x9 and not running a big ring. Still pondering that one.

Cranks/BB - Some old XT Hollowtech 180s. I have two sets of these that I keep moving from bike to bike. Still working after all these years. Pedals will be some newer SPDs off of the Karate Monkey (not shown).

The Rest:

Wheels will come from the KM. The DT Onyx hubs/butted spokes/alloy nips/7.1TK rims have been just dandy on the KM. Not fancy, but some day I will have some nicer wheels built up. I have always wanted some King hubs just cuz. The wheels were $275 shipped with tires off of the MTBR classifieds.

Hbars will be the Easton carbon XC bars from the KM and the Bonty stem will transfer as well.

The Lev came with a Thomson post and I will use a WTB Pure V saddle I have.

The frame, well the Lev of course. $1200.00 out of the MTBR for sale pages.

The build will commence after this weekend.

I am very pleased with the cost vs. performance balance I struck. I had a limited budget and I added value and spent money as wisely as I could. eBay and the want ads are not always a bargain, but if you know your market and have patience, you can score nicely.

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