Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving Morning Ride: earning the right to eat a lot later on.

The shadows are long on a November morning. It is cold, too. Well, at least for So Cal. Feels like Fall at last.

Like most back yard So Cal stuff, it is a fireroad that often follows or ends at a power line. No matter. It is all good for a pre-turkey ride.

The Karate Monkey in repose, absorbing EMF for the ride down.

Looking back before the descent, the typical rolling hills of the area, brown, not so dramatic, but laced with a lot of riding potential. Sigh. Not like the pics that some lucky souls have as their back yard, but no snow, no ice, and it is fast becoming 65* or so as the day warms. I will take it. That is the northbound 5 freeway in the pic, slogging along at 20 mph towards multiple grandma's houses.

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