Friday, November 9, 2007

Road Trip: St. George here we come

Ahhh, Utah. Lots O' good stuff there for outdoors folks like me. I had a group trip planned in September to Gooseberry Mesa but one by one we were all sidelined by injuries either to our bodies or our bikes.

So, here it is nearly December and NOT ONE road trip this year. Completely unacceptable. St. George it is. Itinerary: One day's easy drive to St. George from So Cal and set up camp, next day ride the combo of JEM/Hurricane/Gould...should be a good 3 hours or so, give or take, camp that night while stories flit around the campfire of today's bravery, and pack it up the next day back to home.

What bike should I bring? The new Karate Monkey 1x9 29er or the 26" Cannondale Prophet? Hmmmmm.

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