Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Quiver adjustments: Sorting the arrows.

Well as winter comes in to Southern California and we prepare for 'Storm Watch 2014', where we get two inches of rain over two days and forget how to drive our cars again, I am looking at shifting a few bikes and parts around.

It is so odd, thinking of when I had just one bike.  Weird.  If I had to choose just one it would be agonizing to come to a decision.  But I still need to change things up a bit and slim things down...sort of.

The Ti Lynskey just is not getting used and is not working out like I expected so that is on the chopping block.  Some lucky buyer will be happy with that.

The Epic Marathon from a few years ago has been sitting around with flat tires and a missing front brake caliper adapter I borrowed for another bike.  Shame, that, as it has some carbon wheels and XX parts on it.  I always loved that bike and I think I need to rekindle that flame.

The carbon Stumpy SS is good to go.  Nothing has shown up to topple that from the single speed throne.

The Camber and FSR are getting a bit long in the tooth and with the progression in 29ers, I think I could marry the best of both of them into one bike with 130mm of travel and a carbon frame.  The search may be on for that set up for 2014.

The Karate Monkey frame may get a reason to get off the garage hook and be back in action as a bikepacking set up.  We shall see.  Darn versatile frame that KM, but I would never use it as a regular XC/trail ride again.

There are a few more frames and parts that need to see ebay listings, but there is room for another bike that is something quite different from anything else in the garage.  It is a bike I thought I would never own yet I am drawn toward the notion regardless.  Moths to a bright blue frame, so to speak.  We shall see.

Meanwhile, I am getting out the heavy winter clothing to get ready for winter.  You know...sweatshirts and long pants.  Southern California will kill ya' if you are not prepared.

This guy is all about the quiver.

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Brisco said...

Geoffrey here. I have the opposite concern. I have a 1997 Curtlo, a 2009 Turner 5-Spot, and a 2001 Paramount Ti. I'm looking to add and upgrade. I'm thinking of an XC MTB. We'll see.