Sunday, February 10, 2013

Just another So Cal winter weekend.

The storm blew in Friday and chilled the air enough to drop the snow level to well below 2500'.  So Sat AM we headed towards the coast to get into a warmer place and to ride a section of the Backbone Trail that I had never been on before.  It was a section of trail that Walt Disney might have made...buff, swoopy, mildly danced and dipped through the chaparral and was an absolute delight.  JeffJ and Navy Mike came out to play despite the cold.  It was 32 degrees at the gas station in the early morning and 36 degrees at the trailhead at 09:00.  Brrrr.  We warmed up fast and stripped layers, but tights were good all day.

I don't think we broke 20 miles for the day, and we failed to find the trail connector at a road crossing, instead riding some pavement to a nice viewpoint anyway.  We really did not care.  The Pacific Ocean was on our left...the snow covered mountains above to our right.  Why hurry?

That was Saturday.  Sunday was a family ride day so we headed up Warm Springs Mtn and made it about 3/4s the way up the 2000' climb before snow and rocks turned us around.  Lots of loose rocks are bad on doggies feet, especially Sophie's delicate paws.

All in all, two good rides despite bike building frustrations back at home.  Too many projects going on right now with details needing sorting.

Nature works to create art with frost as the roof top as canvas.

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