Thursday, December 27, 2012

Really wanna'... this. But it is very unlikely to happen. I would tour it, not race it. Still, I can read about it from the pen of a very determined Tour Divide racer and skilled writer and teller of tales. Grab a bag of chips, something to drink and settle into a good chair for a most enjoyable read.

Nick at the end of a long ride.


Fonk said...

Yeah, I'd love to tour it sometime; can't really see myself racing it. I'd probably have to do it in two-week blocks or something, though, if I want to do it before my kids leave the house (and that's a long way off yet), as I don't think my wife would let me leave home for that long while the kids are still around.

Nicholas Kennedy said...

Wow, thanks for reposting my blog! It was an amazing journey. Even if you don't ride the whole thing, picking out parts to do every summer is still really fun to do.

Nicholas Kennedy said...

Thanks for the kind words!

It's a fantastic trip. Even if you take one part at a time, say a map every summer or so, I'd say it's worth it.

Happy Biking!