Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Got camera?

I have had a few cameras lately, mostly glorified P&S stuff, then the iPhone camera which is pretty darn good for a phone camera.  But, I wanted to step up a notch into a 'real' camera, something that has the depth and versatility to allow me to grow along with the equipment.  I want to be a better photographer, learn the basics and beyond, and become more of a craftsman.  Changeable lenses would be a real plus but it could not be too big or heavy to carry along on a ride if I so desired.  So my priorities were to have better pic quality than a typical P&S, lens choices, small size relative to a full on DSLR, and not cost the moon.

So, I got this.

The Sony NEX5N sits at the top of the new micro 4/3rds camera line and came into my hands from a fellow cyclist/blogger and 'real' photographer, GNAT.   I first shot some stuff at Sea Otter, but I was just getting to know the camera in a very basic way and shooting bikes for the web is hardly art.  But this weekend I took a trip with the missus and brought the NEX5N along to document it all.  

I was playing with many of the modes and stylings for the first time.  Very interesting stuff, some of that, but I was very happy with the results.  I think the Sony was a great choice and has hit all the targets I had in mind.  I picked up a case that sits across my chest right between the shoulder straps of a typical hydration pack and allows easy access for bike rides.

Now I just need to grow into the camera a bunch and that I am very much looking forward to.  Here are some shots...non bikey stuff...that shows some of the results.  Most of this is in camera with some minor post correction and, of course, cropping. 

Will this turn into a photo blog?  Not likely...yet...but I am excited to learn new skills and grow in another area that interests me.  Good fun.

Some of my favs for one reason or another.


Fonk said...

I think you'll be pretty happy with it. I don't have a NEX yet myself, but I shoot Sony DSLRs, and have a higher-end Sony point-n-shoot, and I get great-looking pictures from them. I'd really like to add a NEX to my line-up, too, but am holding out until I can afford the 7.

And kinda funny, I just recently bought some photo gear from Gnat, too; a couple lenses for my Nikon. :)

Hendrik M said...

I think you'll be very happy with the 5N, it is a great little camera and I am very happy with mine. Some great photos there!