Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Burro Down.

I don't typically care for POV videos of bike rides.  I get bored or dizzy and the music usually sucks.  The stuff that Mike C does is awesome...he is an artist, but this vid really is a cut above most and it took me back to a classic of all classics in Moab, the Burro Down ride.  Technically speaking,  The Whole Enchilada refers to riding to the trailhead and THEN down the trail back to town...that is an epic day.  But in any case, whatever you call it, it is a great ride.  A couple of years ago we did the ride from Hazzard down but this begins higher in the Aspens of the La Salles at Burro Pass.  So have a look and enjoy.  Makes me want to ride Moab again.

The Whole Enchilada: Top to Bottom - Moab, Utah from Phil Shep on Vimeo.

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