Thursday, May 5, 2011

Saying goodbye -or- "Not dead....just gone to Texas"

'Special K', as she will be known, the resident chica in the group of otherwise hairy, sweaty, and manly men is pulling up stakes and heading to another country.  Texas.  Pretty sure that is not really a part of the US of A, but I could be wrong.  They seem to be an independent bunch down there, those Texicans, so you never know.  Personally, I would just as soon be dead than be in Texas, but at least she is heading to the Austin area which is a hot bed of cycling.  It seems like there are a goodly amount of trails and races there, so I hope that 'SK' finds another great group of welcoming folks to ride with.

She rode and raced this somewhat ancient Giant Iguana SE that needed a new fork, new headset, new BB, chainrings, had rim brakes that somewhat worked, and had the oddest saddle I have seen.  But it never held her back.  No excuses.  Just ride.  Some guys I know could take lessons there.

We will miss her quick smile and humble ways that always left the ego and whining at home.  We will also miss working on her bike which always needed something or another, lending her chainlube, tires, shifter cables, ahhhh...well, I think we will miss that. :)

Just recently she popped for a used Niner RIP 9.  Big wheels, FS, slacker angles...oh my.  It showed the talent within as she was pretty much shredding the local trails and running away from a lot of 'da boyz' on that blue scooter.  My last memory is from the night she had the RIP out with some borrowed (of course...'Special K', ya' know) go-fast wheels and tires on it.  She was on my wheel all the way up the climbs and then, taking the lead on the DH, went about the biz of showing us her heels.  Mercy.  We created a monster.  I was pedaling along, grinning and giggling as she opened up a gap between us,  thinking that Texas is in for some trouble.

You go girl.

On behalf of the 17:30 Crew, we will miss ya.  Fair winds and sweet trails to ya'.


Anonymous said...

Nothing hurt like young talent, just getting into the game, that kills you on the climbs. Yeah, it's hard on the ego, being beat by a girl, consistently.

One part of me misses the "Special K", even though I strongly encouraged her to get that RIP 9, she was the strong, silent type.

The other part of me won't miss her, the competitive side of me, because once she's gone, I'm just one position closer to being first to the top. Now the boyz in Texas will have to deal with being beat by a woman and riding her rear wheel, if they can. I'll give you Texas guys a hint... Schedule an early morning ride... rarely does the Special K do mornings. ;-)

grannygear said...

"Special K". I like that. Stolen and revised.