Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Do you ever ride?

One might ask that of me lately, with all the pontificatin', prognosticatin' and soap box blabbing.  So yes, yes I do and to prove it, some pics from the last few rides.

First up was a dash in between the rain storms that seemed to be hitting every weekend.  The FSR was baptized by fire on the trails of Rocky Peak in So Cal.  It worked pretty well and once I get used to all that travel, I think it will be a hoot to ride.  It was great few hours out with the gang.

The FSR gets to a trail worthy of the blue bandit....Hummingbird Trail, Simi Valley, Ca.
Hard to tell how steep and rocky this is, but it is a fairly techy trail.
Next up was a 5.5 hour mini epic with Kevin aka Superman.  He is a great guy to ride with and is one of those nuts that show up for a long ride with a jersey and two water bottles.  Me?  Pack, snacks, water, extra this and that, tools, windbreaker, leg warmers....just in case, ya know.  Never needed them.  Sigh.  Spring is coming soon, but a bit of winter still clings.

The Epic gets to get out and play for the day.
Snow up top in the shadows

Looking across two forest zones...Angeles to Los Padres
Yep...spring brings the critters.  This one wanted to be left alone.  I concur.
The old road bike got a bit of new parts.  New/used wheels courtesy of JeffJ, 8spd cassette (better than 7 spd freewheel stuff...yeah...I suck at road bikes), 8spd bar end shifters from an old drop bar MTB from the 90s, and a saddle from Bontrager.  A stem adapter let me use an MTB stem and dump the quill stem.  Goodbye 120mm...hello 80mm.  Yeah, it was not a great fit before.  Better now.

Handmade steel Curtlo, circa mid-nineties.
I have been enjoying some most excellent tasty bits from Clif Bar.  Lovin' the salty, nutty goodness of the Mojo Bars.

The right Mojo adds color to your world.

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