Friday, December 24, 2010

Day before Christmas ride

Dirt around here has been scarce, what with 4 days of rain behind us, but there are a couple of places that remain rideable even when they are very wet.  Warm Springs Mountain is one of those places.  Beginning nicely enough along a little creek, it soon climbs in earnest, gathering 2000' or so of distance between the top of the mountain and the canyon below.

The final reward for all this heart pounding, leg killing up-ness is a great view from the Los Padres/Frazier Mtn to the end of the Angeles NF at Wrightwood.  We were bracketed by snow covered peaks, like bookends to our day.  Big bookends, 40 miles away.

Nine of us made the event special.  Old friends, new friends.  All the good natured jabbering and the jousting for position on the uphill, the fast chase to the bottom with about a dozen scary moments all makes for the shared experience of riding a bike on a cold morning up a big hill just because you can.  Because you need to in order to feel right again after all that rain induced hibernation.  Because...well, just because it is what you do, and it sure beats watching a bowl game or a parade or...whatever.  Save that for Christmas Day.

I wish all who visit here a very Merry Christmas in this special day of Christ's birth.  Peace on earth, goodwill to all men.

Not pictured...Kendra and Buddy Steve, victims of a flat tire on the way up.

Frazier Mtn in the distance
The scoot of the day...Niner JET9

Liebre Mtn covered in clouds

Cliff the Frugal,  Kevin 'yet to be named', and Tony the Tiger. Yeah, it was COLD up there and windy.

Eric the Red, Navy Mike, and Ed the Tall, 1st man to the top on his SS.  He rules.

Kevin and James, backed up by the San Gabriels looking to Wrightwood.

Celebrate the top of the mountain while you can.

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Guitar Ted said...

Merry Christmas! I hope you have a blessed day.