Sunday, November 21, 2010

Story Telling

The other day El Immigrante (pic on the left) invited me on a local training loop he likes to push himself over.  It climbs up one side of a mountain, drops over the other side, then climbs back up again and over where we came from, but never on the same main roads...kinda like a big figure eight laid on end for 30 miles.

It was windy and cold as we climbed the first pitch and only a few brave souls were hiking and riding up this steep, paved road that was a popular test of fitness for many.  I was moving along at a moderate speed and came up on a guy walking the hill.  I was waiting a bit for my ride host, so I slowed down to a walking pace and chatted a bit with the hiker, a guy in his late thirties or early forties.  I said that most folks are at home warm and sitting in front of the TV getting fat.  He said that that was him a few years ago until his accident.  I asked him about that and he told me that he had been in a coma for quite a while...nearly died.  He has gone out of the windshield in a car crash and was a broken man when it was over.  Now he had a new attitude on life and was trying to get fit and healthy to be around long enough to see his new born son grow up.  He had a second chance and was taking it.

I asked him what got him out the other side of his dark tunnel.  He said "prayer and meditation".  I bid him God's blessing and picked up the pace.  I turned to my riding partner and said "everyone has a story".

Last evening I was having tea with a guy I ride with, a very fit and skilled personal trainer and life coach, who told me that six years ago he was over 300lbs and had been overweight all his life.  Everyone else in his family was obese.  I asked him how he turned things around?  Why him and no one else in his family?  He said he just got sick and tired enough to make the difference and did the hard thing...he changed his life.  Now he is helping others change their lives, others who are willing to do the hard thing.

Everyone has a story.  Sometimes you just need to ask and listen for the response.

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El Immigrante said...

Thanks for joining me bud and thanks for pushing me! I broke my previous record to the top by 13 minutes! I came close this past Tuesday but missed the time by 2 minutes!