Saturday, March 27, 2010

Singletrackapalooza V1.0

We are fortunate to have some pretty cool canyon areas to ride in our back yard.  With some hard fought efforts by some trail building gnomes, some new trails have been cut in to augment the mostly moto created singletracks we already had.  Connecting all this is a pretty good amount of fireroad and doubletrack, enough that one could make some pretty heinous loops...and loops...and loops...and ride all kinds of trail/fireroad combos.

So this winter it came to me...ride all the singletracks worth riding in one, big, loop using the connector roads to string them together.  I figured 3 hours or so and maybe 30 miles.  There would be a decent climb, then drop, then climb, then drop...over and over, so it would be hard, not just fun.  I figured I would ask the group and see if anyone wanted to play along.

So, I figured anything like that needed a name.  The name was obvious, of course:  Singletrackapalooza - A celebration of spring and all things singletrack.

I asked JeffJ and he wanted in on the organizing.  Apparently when Jeff says let's ride, it carries a lot of weight.  A posting on a couple of internet groups seemed to be bringing in the mongrel hordes.

This morning it was first just a few...

then more...

and more...


yet more...

till there was a passel, nay a flock, or perhaps a gaggle of riders, at least 30, maybe more.  We split into two groups, 'go big or go home' and 'go anyway ya' can as long as I get back before the beer is gone'.

At the top of the first climb, this was just part of the 'A' group.

It seemed like at each stop we had less riders...rules of attrition, I suppose.  Still we had great weather despite the wind and the trails were flowy and delicious.  Tons o' climbing too, and I decided to lead the 'A' group on the singlespeed Rockhopper.  It turned out to be a great decision as the SS just got it done with no problems.

I was not taking too many pics, being the leader and all, but I know there were lots of cameras around so hopefully I can grab some of the pics and post them up.  Back at the parking area, we all hung around and munched on chips and drinks till the 'B"group rolled in, then the BBQs came out.

Sweet day.  Only a few crashes with a sore back and maybe a broken thumb, and a flat tire or two and one taco'd front wheel.  Not bad at all.

More pics here on the STR website Ride Report.

Youtube Vid here courtesy of KT the Man.

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