Friday, October 23, 2009

Race Across The Sky

Last night I went to the special showing of Race Across The Sky, the documentary of the Leadville 100 mtn bike race. The theater was filled with bike freaks from my area, many of them I knew, some I did not, but the experience was pretty cool.

It was very Lance focused, but give him his due...he is an amazing cyclist and has a hammer for a motor and the will to use it hard against anyone or anything that gets in his way. If it was not for Lance, I wonder if the film would have even been made? Likely not, and even if it had been, it will be watched by more non-bikie folks cuz the Lance factor is there.

But ya gotta pull for Dave W. I met him once and he was just the nicest down to earth guy. I can totally see goin' for a ride with Dave (as long as he waits for me). The part where he crests the top of the long, cold climb, hits the turn around point and thanks the volunteers who are there in all that ugly, cold, nasty weather....that is character. Character always will out, good or bad.

Something I noticed...Lance wins the race to the cheers of the crowd, finishing the last few miles on a rear flat. Post finish line, he is whisked away by his 'people' and others, security folks, etc. to some trailer somewhere. Dave crosses the line in second place and is greeted by his family...wife, kids...all on camera. I like Dave's ending better.

I would have liked to have seen more historical footage and seen more from the guys like Tinker, but the stories from the 'average' guys and gals were touching and inspiring. All in all it was well worth it and I will be sure to add it to my library alongside stuff like 24 Solo and Seasons.

Makes ya want to ride.

I am so glad I am a mtn biker. I am glad I like to do hard things. I am glad I know and have known lots of great folks that feel the same way. Cycling rocks.


Jeremy said...

Tinker had to bail. Broken seat post clamp, if I remember correctly. Good movie.

Anonymous said...

Encore viewing Nov. 12th