Sunday, September 20, 2009

Hit the Road, Jack

The Interbike pilgrimage begins today. I head for Vegas this afternoon to pick up Guitar Ted at the airport and then to our palatial digs for the eve. Monday and Tues are all about the Dirt Demo. It looks like the weather will be hot (duh) but not as bad as I had thought. Not much shade out there at Boulder City. Just rocks and dirt. And more rocks.

And bikes. Good lord yes, bikes everywhere. The plan is to focus on the rising tidal wave of carbon goodness coming from the Asian lands. Lots of new hardtail and FS composite stuff hitting the shores this year for those who can afford them. Me? Not likely, but it is fun to dream anyway.

Hopefully I will post up some stuff over the week but most of my efforts will go to and The Cyclist. But, the bloggage will be more indiscreet, if that is called for. I will save the juicy stuff for here, where I am free to be me. Scary, that.

Loading up the family truckster soon. Bye bye So Cal, hello Babylon.

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