Thursday, April 2, 2009

One Weak Anniversary

Yeah, I know, it should say one week anniversary, but either is true. It has been one week (and a day) since I rode any kind of a bicycle. Last Tues eve was the big crash moment and I am just now beginning to be able to use my left hand for very limited, light work and the bandages are rapidly diminishing. I am down to one, big bandaid at the moment and that is nice. No more "Honey can you help me patch the boo-boo" moments.

In fact, I felt that right?...enough to replace the seals in my stuck-down Fox rear shock on the Lev. Will it last? I hope so, or off to Push it goes. That means I may be able to ride, so the plan is to grab my son and his bike and head to the local bike path for a bit of a cruise. I tried riding around in the street with my wrist brace on and it is clunky, but doable, and I can grab the brakes and bars well enough if I have to do something dramatic.

Anniversaries are fine things, but this is one I would not mind forgetting.

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