Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Fitness is Fleeting

Man, it is so hard to obtain, but so easy to lose. I had trained pretty effectively for the 40 Something ride and after that, cruised a bit recovering for a few days and then went on a camping trip which provided less cycling than I expected. I came home, got busy and then got a little bug of some sort. So, a week goes by and then I did a few rides, feeling kinda wimpy, but slowly coming back.

Yesterday I rode a 2.5 hour loop to get home after dropping off the family truckster at the mechanics. I figured that I would slam it pretty good. Well, there was slamming involved, but it was give and take between me and the ride. Huh. So where did all the fitness go?

Well, obviously away from me. I still rode well, but I have come to the conclusion that I need to be very consistent, especially as I age. While I can still ride well, I need more time to get fit and it seems to ebb faster than before. Ah, Ponce De Leon let me Fountain of Youth do I have in my back yard, nay, only a bird bath.

It does not help. I tried. The birds complained.

Adding to the difficulty is the lack of any tangible goals in the form of races or challenge rides to prepare for. I will do you good, long rides, but that does not instill fear and hard work like getting ready to survive a 50+ mile endurance race.

Oh well. Thankfully riding is a reward in itself and pretty easy to do. Riding well and riding far is another thing altogether, and that has another reward, one that is more difficult to obtain and therefore all the more sweet.

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