Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Weekend Stoke

Man, I guess we are all getting older when you get together to celebrate your friends 50th B-day parties. Sigh. Still, it was great seeing old friends that have been waaay too distant these last 10 years or so. We all assured ourselves that we had not changed one bit!

Unfortunately, we had to suffer by staying in a mountain home with a view like this:

After we all arrived and hugged and such, we got down to assembling bikes. Doug C. of CURTLO Cycles had his bike-in-a-box that needed some erector set engineering. 29er, softtail, S&S couplers, Roloff hub, ActionTec fork, steel is real tubes. MMMmmm...tasty. Me? I just had to fix a flat. Again. The front. Again.

Of course, we HAD to ride, after all, this was a mountain bike group reunion. There are miles of roads and trails around here and I need to come back and hit it when the snow melts. VERY nice area.

29ers at rest in their element. I tell ya, the trail began as a mellow, swoop fest but soon turned into huge ruts and lots of biggish rocks. The 29ers just ate it up but I had about four Thank-You-God moments where it could have been bad, but I pulled it off. Too much, too fast to take pics of the nasty stuff.

What a great weekend it was. Old friends, bikes, food, good times revisited. God has been good.

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