Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sultan infatuation

No not some fat guy with a beard and a billion or two in the bank...not THAT kind of Sultan.

This kind.

I have been tormenting myself for no good reason on what FS 29er to buy. The 'no good reason' part is cuz I ain't got the sheckels (to stay with the sultan theme) to buy one...yet. But when I do, which one? Oh, I have to admit that a lot of fillys have turned my head but I keep coming back to this little dear right here. Good looking ain't it? Purposeful, simple, basically still looks like a bike, straight tubes and all.

Of course mine would not be exactly like this one which I pirated off the net, but I am thinking bronze color, XL, with a few ano'ed bits and pieces to have a smattering of bling. We shall see. When is the government mailing those rebate checks?

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